To whom in may concern!! I've been a player in pokerstars for about 10 months and the main reason I joined was so I could have some fun on the days when pretty much there was nothing to do. I'm 19 years old, student and therefore I can't really afford a bankroll... but some promotions in pokerstars have given me some very important cash. Just by playing freerolls, and winngin tickets for satellites tournaments and sit and go's with TM I've been able to win about $100, not much but hey its something and I found out that in poker you can have some ups and downs. Poker pro players might not agree but sometimes it's just luck, you play by the book but there is always going to be an unexperienced fool that will risk a play and cost you the game! Lately Im on a down in poker, can't really seem to play very well, so to any poker player who finds this interesting, remember poker is a skill game, but luck can give you a bad hand... anyways!! Next up WCOOP satellite