I have been playing  OMHAHA Hi/Lo at pokerstars . One of the best site which offer various games of Hi/Lo also very serious Hi/Lo community @ pokerstars. Its a learning and there are some very good serious HI/LO players ( at low stakes also). its Not like people playing CRAP. I  played .01/02  Pot limit at the pokerstars and the games are very serious and provide good expirience of real OMAHA HI/LO.

Though whenever i tried to move at the higher limits i  faced serious failures.  But it has to do with more  how i handle   myself and the  challenges around the tables.  I went on to win some $25 in one of the tournaments  at pokerstars (multiway tournament) one of the best run i had.   I was still going good when the no of people where high. but as soon as the blinds started increasing , i started fizzing and  crashed much ahead of what i can reach at.   I am still facing one of the challenging task. when the cards are not running good i am not able to sustain myself and my bank roll or my chips. If someone can show me the right path in this case i will be glad. So all the suggestions from all the Community@pokerstars will be helpful for the improovement.

Another Glad moment for me at the pokerstars is playing the various pokeschool games . which provides a way to learn at the different mix of people. Give chance for the serious poker players to ,create there own bankroll. But my challenge its only good for no limit poker players where lot of the chances depend on the  chance and now i believe because you come in agianst some serious lucky day player who bust you of your chips and your points. So if poker stars add some variety (HI/LO,LIMIT etc)  to the poker school games than it will be a better chance for  community of players from the accross the board.

I desire to learn more and more at the pokerstars as it is one of the best community which help by providing the same competion throuhout the complete  pyramid of the poker players.  This is how the new poker player community is  getting created  by means of poker stars. And with all the pormotions like blogger,video's its awesome to be part of poker stars