I dream to Win  $5000 the best Blogger prize for WBCOOP . And visualizing my dream if it comes true. I want to share with all of you "How i will be planning to use it "
Being Human  I want to enjoy this occasion and share my happiness with all friends and family.  So there will be a toast for the win for which i will keep separately around $500 .  we will wine, dine , dance and enjoy the occasion.
after sharing my happiness with all. I want to keep some Money  out for  family specially  for  present and future use which is around $2000.
Now  After discussing and thinking about  personal  commitment  i want to come back to my passion which is poker.  From last 1 year i am working hard to make a place in poker arena.  Spending 2-3 hours Every day on pokerstars. On the tables tusseling with players from accross the world. Winning  or loosing every hour. Every win boost my confidence. Every lose  creating a dent in the same. Putting all my capablities in poker in the play and still seeing the cards are the only winner.  Trying hard on the pokerschool online league to take a place in the top.  Playing  qualifying  freeroll to be part of the  weekly $2000  freeroll.  Spending nights to Win a top place in the same. 
All this hard work to create  a Poker banroll out of my sheer competance and  knowledge of the poker. 
Out Of My  capablities.
With this   special prize from the pokerstars  for my blog i will be   getting a  huge bankroll  of  remaining $2500.(After my liesure and commitment)
With the bankroll for poker   I will be targeting two things for my poker career.
1st Playing more poker,  against better competents, At higher limit  from what i am currently playing on because 
 players are very loose  at lower limits.  We get more skilled competents at the upper end.  Playing against the Pokerstars  team. which will again help me to boost my skill. Obviosly all this changes will not take place in a single day. I have to  slowly plan ,  how and when i can move to higher limits, what are the best limits. Take help from some of the coaches who can help me in getting better. What mistakes i am commiting regulary.

 2nd  Looking to participate in more poker tournaments and win  more money out of it. Poker tournaments both on the pokerstars and live one which are  always on accross the world.   Try to qualify through the pokerstars various low buyin satelites .Making most out of it.

And last and not the least the pokerpoints which i will earn out of this play which i can use  to participate in  more tournaments. Better rewards  against which i can use them.  curretly i am bronzestar growing to silverstar , goldstar and so on and so forth and it will be fun  for sure ......