I just joined the poker school on the 17th of november.  I remember thinking while i was setting up my account wow maybe i can finally play against some serious poker players or maybe just better poker players and maybe i would'nt see so many donkey calls and bad beats. Just maybe the people in the league were actually trying to learn how to play better poker and taking things they learned from the site and using them on the tables.....I was sooooo  wrong.  I have seen the worst beats and the worst players i've ever seen in these tourneys. Why guys play in a LEAGUE and keep track of a ranking when you don't care were your placing and are continuing to play donkey poker. I dont get it and hate it for the players trying to play better and making good calls and bets and having these donks call from way behind and making disgusting calls and bets and then being rewarded for them and then they have no idea how they were wrong and think they made some big move on you when all that happened was they got lucky. uugghh i hate that..Please people if your one of those Donks get to reading learn how to play poker stop making it hell for those of us who enjoy playing and take it seriously.