Just wanted to say thank you to these guys. Everyone beats em' down daily verbally and with the cards. With out them, where would are poker atm's come from. Yall may find me crazy, but the donks have taught me more then just how to beat them down. They have also taught me how to make much deeper runs. Not only by avoiding those "Donkings", but also learned how to win with those hands. At some critical points in the game, not just out of a desperation attempt to keep a dying tourny alive, but when with a healthy stack and you'd say I'm a donk. I say noo. I payed attention in class. They taught me any 2 can win, but how timing is everything with those type of hands. And how to recognize that timing. I believe good things are coming. So to all you donks. Thank You. Hope yall can figure out the other side of things