Fellow PokerSTARS,

April marks the begininng of another full month on the PSO Skill Leauge. The amount of resources and community continues to inspire my pro quest. Some key factors I have realized by checking my out some of my leauge play thus far.

Month      February         March       April

FR                  638              665          ?

PI                     47               141         ?

PPF                 20                 63         ?

PS           1711.03        1859.92         ?

FT                     0                    3         ?

WP             42.55             44.68         ?


FR: Final Rank, PI: Participated In, PPF: Positive Point Finish, PS: Peak Score, FT: Final Table Finish WP: Winning Percentage



These facts above validate improvement. Unfortunately this information comes with a WARNING!


If you have multiple accounts from the past CONTACT SUPPORT before they contact you!


Because of poor financial management, which I mentioned in my introductory post I have negative balances on 2 accounts!


Pokerstars has relquinshed my playing rights and thus I will not be able to cream the competition this April to take my stake at the top of the leader board.I was riding on that opportunity to get me out of the red but there is a change in plan. I will adjust accordingly. Since I can not play I will be reviewing my tournament history and riddle the forum with questions.I look forward to reading constructive feedback on the hands and questions I post. Problems are mearly opportunities.


I would also like to make it clear that posting about my improvement is not meant to be plea for cash. I will by no means accept any staking, as I do not posses the financial integrity or skill to gaurantee return. I will win my way into the black once Pokerstars allows me to play.

Have fun on the electronic felt!


P.S. Quality Over Quanity was my original goal for April concerning Skill League tournies... now the goal is hitting the books and analyzing my tourney play.