three years ago in illinois they passed a no smoking law ,now they are trying to pass a law to allow smoking in casinos.for over twenty years illinois bars have had video gambling,illegal as hell,plus one of the biggest rip offs out there.last year,after twenty years of burying their head in the sand,the state of illinois legalized video gambling in bars.well the reason for all this is simple,lost revenue vs. moral highground.when they realize people are gonna do it regardless of the law they lose all morality and go for the money.i am hoping this is the feds thinking,to recoup lost revenue,then legalize online poker,and get their taxable cut.there is a ton of illegal shit online way worse than poker,and they haven't been able to stop it.shut one down,new one pops up,and they know it,but you keep on and fight the good fight,that i understand.but shutting down online poker is NOT the good fight.people want this,and the people should speak.they say one of the best ways to be heard is to contact your congressman,well.i have never done this before,but today i will,i urge you all to do the same.this is utter bs,and i am highly pissed,i feel like dumping tea in the boston harbor.i will truly miss you all,and the fun we had at the tables.