I really don't understand how the point get calculated. On my stats page I have finished fairly well mostly in the top 30% of the fields I have been in.  My points for month to date are in and around the 1500 range and I sit about 25000th in the leaderboard. I just finished in the top 1440 of 10,000 people in the last 2 tourneys I entered. One tourney I ended up i like 640th somewhere abouts. What I really want to know is roughly how to figure out if my rank will go up or down and by how much.


I see we get points but there is no real clear way how to figure out the caluclation for ourselves, even by rough estimation. Who knows how many poinst are given at what point in the tourney? Whats the most amount of points a person can receive? there are breaks when we get down to 2500 players, Are there points for surviving that? same with at 1440 players, is there more points for that? then again at 625 players. 


I thing it would be really handy knowing this information so that I as a player can figure out a realistic stragedy on how to effectively tackle the points system to my best possible effectiveness.