This is my first blog, ive only began playing texas hold em over the last couple of months. I decided to play pso to give me an idea of how my game stood up to everyone else. Turns out not to good!! The first tourney went well finishing in the money but that was as good as it got. A few tourneys later i found myself down about 3500 places from going out early so i decided it was time to change my style. This began very well for me finishing just outside the money twice and in the money twice out of 4 tourneys and raising my position back to around the 850 mark so i was looking forward to the next one. it didnt start so good and found myself down to about 250 chips after 30 mins but in the next 10 mins i picked up 2 nice hands and my chips grew to 2200. Happy days back in it i thought. Then im on the big blind with j4 off suit and 2 people limp in so i check. Flop comes out jack, queen, four. Yes 2 pair i thought and after the other 2 people only limped in i was thinking they cant have very good hands and i am almost certainly winning this hand so i push all in.The other 2 players have stacks of 2000 and 2600 so i was thinking i would either double up here or take the blinds. Both players go all in and both have ace 10 off suit. Now as i said ive only start playing recently but to risk basically all of their stack on a king coming out on the turn or river i thought was nuts. Anyway king comes out on the turn of course, i cant remember what the river was but it didnt matter i was beat. Knocked out in the high 500s and surely going to damage my rank. Hopefully il do better in the next 1 at 10:30 my time. But i was just wondering should i have played that hand differently or was it just bad luck for me? I would be grateful for any responses or advice.