In all forms of Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments, when the blinds get big calling big bets with a lo draw alone is a bad idea. Ideally, you want a two-way hand, but, if you don't have one, a good hi will do it.

Take a look at this situation

My opponent had only a lo draw - he was drawing dead for hi. There is no point in putting all the chips you can if, in case you win, you'll only get them back. If you lose, they will go to your opponent's stack. Unless you are Bill Gates or William Buffett, you can't afford that for too long.

How would you feel if a gambler made you the following proposition: he'd roll a die and, if the result was 6, he would get ten dollars from you; however, if it was something else, he wouldn't get anything? You'd just lose money and don't expect to win a penny!

This situation will happen in Stud8 tournaments as well. In late stages, when blinds/antes/bring-in are too big, you are looking for a good hi.