This was a MTT PLO8 I played a couple weeks ago.

It is level 12, with blinds of 150/300. The starting stack is 3000. I have about 12000 in chips, the table's chipleader has about twice as much, and the short stack has 5 big blinds. I am in the small blind holding 6s 7h 4s 7d, a pretty marginal hand. However, since this game usually has large implied odds, and I could probably see a flop very cheaply, I decide to call. The big blind checks.

The flop is nearly perfect: 2s 3s 5s, giving me an unbeatable high hand. Since my low is only the third best, and there are three players to act behind me, I check. It would not be very bad to bet here hoping somebody has an ace-high flush, but in a pot-limit game, slowplaying a hand that big is not usually a problem.

The turn is a Jack of hearts and I decide to check-raise. The big blind bets 900, which is exactly 3/4 of the pot, and gets called by one player. The other guy folds. I make a very small raise to 1,800. My point is that if I get called, the pot will have 6,600 in chips and I can then push a big bet on the river.

The two opponents call and the river card is a ace of diamonds, a slight bad card for me. I don't have a big chance to scoop the pot here with the second lo, so it is better try to get both players to call a bet that is at least a little larger than half the pot - otherwise someone with the nut low would have a very easy decision. But the other players don't have a stack that big, so I decide to put a pot size bet. Both players do call. It is probably a split.

The showdown, nonetheless, is a surprise. I show my hand and they mock theirs. The pot is all mine! I press the ''instant hand history'' button to see what they've got. One had 7 5 3 2 A for Lo and a King high flush for Hi. The other had a even worse hand: 8 5 3 2 A and two pair. It was interesting to see someone putting all his/her chips with a second best flush (when there was a straight flush possibility) and a smooth 7 with a board showing four cards to a wheel. (The other player was pot comitted).

That's why I think PLO8 is such a complicated game in micro stakes: you don't have folding equity at all! Sometimes they'll call you down with a nut lo draw with no pair, sometimes they will play their flushes without a lo when there is a pair on the board and you will se a lot of weak-loose players getting a bunch of chips just because they get extremely lucky.

Hope you have enjoyed that and you can leave some comments, please!