Tonight i played miniFTOPS #1. So, what can i say... Its pretty fun tournament, but it`s sooooooooo long..
Takes hours and hours to pass the field of 15k people. There are tons of coinflips, suckouts, coolers along the way.... Lots of ups and downs.... Finally i managed to finish 674th tripling up invested money....  Lost coinflip with AJ vs TT....
I got couple lessons from it:
1. Im not that good at MTT`s. Still have to work a lot on my post flop game. Also have to work on my middle and late stage play... Thats the time when i start to be scared to play and start being nitty tight...  Should learn to be more agressive if i want start making big money and not only ITM`s..
2. Those big field tourney`s have so much variance... You have to win tons and tons of coinflips to reach final table.
3. $22 tourneys are not comfortable for me to play... They way more than my bankroll can afford.. I should keep working on building descent bankroll..

So i have a goal to raise my bankroll at least to $600 by the end of this month.....   Right this moment i have only $123 at my pokerstars account  (Was playing $3-$5 MTT`s all day long + transfered some money to my friend) and $65 at my FullTilt account.