How about that. My first blog ever and it´s not even about me.
And then again it is about me. Me trying to learn poker.

So why does a middle age white scandinavian guy like me decide to try to make a living playing poker?
That is an easy question to answer. I currently work building scaffolds. Wich is a job that takes me all over scandinavia. It´s also a heavy, dangerous and filthy occupation. And it just so happens I broke my arm just before christmas and will be on sickleave one or two months more. Wich gives me the perfect opportunity to get started with my poker career.

I started with deciding I need to learn from the guys that is already making a living out of poker.
So currently I am reading Harringtons book Vol1 Strategic play (the blue book). And Sklansky & Millers book No limit holdem: Theory and practice. 

So far what I realized is that I know absolutly nothing about poker! 

Well that is starting to change. But I am still nothing more than a Donk.