Starting off:
I stared off playing poker when i was 16. Every Saturday night, family and friends would gather to play our weekly home game. £10 a head, winner takes all. 2 years this went on, every saturday without fail. This was my learning experience.




My first online experience:
On my 18th birthday i deposited £20 into pokerstars and started playing their cash games. Limits i played i cannot remember but i do remember at the end of that days play i had more than $500 in my account. Feeling good, the next day i decide to take $100 into the $1 / $2 cash game tables. BIG MISTAKE. A couple hours after sitting down at the table with a healthy bankroll, I left with $0. That day i learned i knew nothing about bankroll management and in reality, i knew nothing about poker. I experienced my first '' tilt '' in that session too. 1 hand has stayed in my mind and even now, 6 years on i still recall it like it happened yesterday. I flopped the nut flush, ended up getting all the money in on the flop against 2 other guys. Villain A had 2 pair, villain B had a 1 outer to the straight flush. Turn gave Villain A a full house, river came the 9 of clubs and gave villain B his 1 outer! Unreal. After that i donked the rest of my cash off at that table in hope i'd win it back. Lesson learned? You bet ya.

Finding my game:
After this i decided to jump into playing MTT's. Quickly i found this was the game for me, although results were few and far between, I enjoyed playing them more than anything. A final table here and there but nothing too spectacular in terms of winnings. I played MTT's only for maybe a year then decided to take a break from online poker.

Playing Live:
During my break from online poker i joined a local poker league called '' Nuts Poker ''. Every Wednesday 30+ would gather in a small room at our local pub and fight for league points. League lasted 4 months with the top 2 from each pub going on to the regional finals where you played for a shot at the Scottish Nationals. This is where my proudest moment as a poker player came. After almost 14 hours of playing poker I was crowned Scottish champion of champions. Beating a field of over 200 solid players, i was so proud of myself.
Here i am here with my trophy: 

Coming back to online poker:
Early this year i decided to come back to online poker after a 4 year hiatus from the game. This is also where is found poker school. With being outta the game for so long i've found poker school highly useful for regaining that love for the game i used to have. I sit through lessons given by the schools teachers, write every little detail down in hope that one day i can be like them and pass on my exeprtise to new players of the game.
As of right now, i'm playing around 200 $0.50 360man, 90man SNG's everyday. Turning a decent profit right now thanks to the advice of ahar ( name i forgot but you guys know who i mean ).

Thanks for reading guys, I ain't usually one for writing blogs so it may be a bit scattered but i hope you all enjoy reading about my experiences!

See you guys at the table!