Hi all,

I have been now a member of PS a little more than a year.
I must say I was sceptic about all this PSO community , thousands of gamblers in on place (site).
I thought it would be a ruthless and an ugly place.
I was partly right, ruthless it was indeed, what did I expect so many gamblers and they all want to win.
which is the right attitude if you want to succeed.
But it turned out that the most members are amicable and and very eager to learn the ropes of modern poker. Many members are ready to offer "free" ( lol) advice and to teach to a trick or two which they themselves picked up in their learning curve.
Along the way I'm getting to know quit a few players and I must admit even a few friends in spe.

it is understandable that not all members get along or react in the same positive way but it wouldn't so interesting and fascinating without a good mix up of poker spices.

Do not mistake my intentions I will try to beat any player )

I wish good luck to all PSO members

and see you at the table!

Kobi  and see you at the tables