Hi everyone,

I've posted on here once or twice although I doubt most will remember any of them, in which case, i'm going to call this my first blog since its really the first of any real significance. 

I've been playing poker now since 2005/6.  I'd consider myself a reasonably good player with some serious bad tendancies, which i'm not going to go into too deeply due to the possibility that some savvy player might come along and exploit my weaknesses.  I wouldn't blame you if you did either, I'd do exactly the same.  All is fair in love and war...

Anyway, I'm a good enough player to at the least break even, and should be making profit, although if i'm to be honest with myself i've lost a good 4 figure sum since starting in 2005/6.  That is about to change. 

Somone once said, or atleast pointed out the difference between "wisdom" and "enlightenment".  Not going to get too philosopical at this stage, but during these blogs i'm going to be getting quite philosopical and into myself a little bit, so please, anyone who wants to join in on this please do.  I love a good "argument".  When i say argument i mean what most people would call a discussion, critique, disagreement etc.  As i say, please join in.  You'll be helping me out, and maybe it'll be fun too.  One of my first topics (if not my first) will be "what poker means to me...".  I often played a game called Rome, and one of the quotes from this game was a guy called Pericles who was supposed to have said "I am more afraid of our own mistakes than of our enemies' design" .  To be honest most of the damage done to my bankroll is as a result of stupid mistakes that I make rather than what decisions my opponents made against me, so finding out what makes me tick as a player is important. 

Anyway, to start this off I'll give a general idea of who I am in the poker world.  At the moment I'm a micro-stakes player.  I deposited enough a while ago to play at 5NL with 40 buy in rule.  I've since lost over half that.  Today I played a few $1 45 seat regular NLH SNG and ended up making a tidy profit across these games.  These are the games I'm going to focus on.  I would like to move up the levels over the next twelve months and providing I put in the work I shouldnt have a problem doing this (sounds arrogant I know).  Ideally I'd like to be grinding 180 seat sng's and MTT's (alot of them) by the end of the year.  My bankroll at the moment limits the numbers of MTT's that I can play consecutively as there are not enough running consecutively for me to justify playing them, hence the 45 seat SNG's.  Hopefully by the end of 2015 i might have a smallish 4 figure bankroll that would enable me to grind the MTT's more often.  I prefer the idea of grinding these tournaments as I have a better record and tolerence for these games.  Getting bust out of a tournament doesn't impact on my ability to play but a couple of stupid mistakes at single table SNG's and cash games really crucify me and at the moment I easily tilt, and then bad things start happening to my game.  Tomorrow I'm going to consider what poker means to me.  I might post it tomorrow, then again, it might be later on this week or early on next week.  Real world stuff to do and cannot be put off so hey ho.

Anyway, to those that read this and managed to get to the end of my first blog without getting bored, thank you.  To those that are considering coming back, thank you even more.  Hope to have some interesting discussions with you all and I'm hoping to be a regular in the forums.  I'm not going to say something cliche like "see you all on the felt".  Bugger, i just did, oh well.