Right... I'm starting from scratch here.  I'm not an experienced poker player.  I'm fed up with trying to prove that I'm good at what I do and selling myself short. 


I've tried the whole multi-tabling multi tournaments and cash games and clearly it doesnt work for me.  Dont get me wrong, when i'm disciplined i do well for myself, however I hit a dodgy moment and 2 days worth of work can go down the pan in less than 10 minutes.  So, I'm not multi tabling/tournieing anymore.  I'm sitting down and playing one at a time and focusing on that game.  Screw profit margins and rate of investments vs number of games played at a time.  I'm interested in developing my game so that I can play to a standard that I know I can play at, get back to enjoying playing as apposed to feeling frustrated all the time that i'm not achieving what I want to achieve, and well, make a profit doing so.


So the rules from now are,

1. One game at a time

2. Learn more about the mathematical side of the game

3. Actually spend time profiling players rather than sitting there thinking "come on dealer, give me some decent cards".