It's about learning and having fun at poker school-right?
Poker IS emotional, no doubt.
I'm learning, having fun with some players that are farther down the line than I am.
I'm sure that the things I learn have to be played-again and again to truly incorporate the stuff into my play. I'm glad to get the opportunity here.
So I really don't understand how people can get so absolutely vile in the course of a PSO game (is it playing intimidation as a skill?).
I was once in line at the buffet at the Horseshoe when a famous poker player who was standing in line behind me and my exceptionally hot wife, (he must have gotten his butt kicked at the table), started making loud insulting remarks about me and my relationships. Was it an extended part of the game? Does poker bring out the inner asshole in people? Is it what poker is? I don't think so.
I've recently been called names for beating a person (me with a very speculative hand) after HE gave me a free ride in the bb!
All I can say is " this is poker school- please take it somewhere else". Of course I deserve a razz for bad play, but jeez !
Donk's don't win in the long run-  It's just part of the equation- I need to be more alert for that stuff.
Bottom line- lighten up guys-this can be fun.