I do well in the early and middle stages of large MTTs.  But as we approach the bubble, say twice the number of players to be paid (top 20% remaining), I find the game turns into a shove fest.  My 4x starting bet gets raised all-in, my blinds are stolen with very large (10x) bets, and my chip stack quickly erodes to below the average stack.  Before long, I am short-stacked and playing all or nothing myself ... cashing only 1/3 times from here and typically in the bottom tiers of payout.

I am by no means passive (at least, I do not perceive my game as thus), but the oversize bets do not match the frequency by which I get playable hands.  My solution recently has been to stall through the bubble.  The problem is that the game progresses even quicker as those with middling stacks chase the big prize.

HELP, I am pale and scared light; having been the prey of PokerStars vampires.