Hi all


My 2nd Blog. This week is nealry finshed and after last week stop Zoom already. Had a good run. Won 39.15$ in 21,191 hands. The amout was nice. If I had run at my All-in adjustment would have only been 9.00$ up.

I played 22 Session and had three losing ones. Unlike last week I stopped whilst my losses in all three were not too bad. I then in later session on same day got them back. Got 3 concerns in Zoom at moment.

1) Most weeks I always run better then my All-In Adjustment. This week 15 stacks. I know in the future the show will be on the other foot and hopfully will not let tilt get to me too badley.

2) My winnings at Showdown 77$ and without Showdown 38$. I did lose 27$ in blinds so If then compare both not too bad. 77$ to 11$

3) For some strange reason last week broke even in BU + CO and made money in MP (31BB) +EP (24BB)

Even if I had run at All-in Adjustment I enjoyed my week at Zoom. Kept Tilt under control. Instead being stong I folded when I deep down I knew I was beat. One hardest things I find to do. Played at lot less hands OOP. Got Note taking well storted now. ( Big thanks to people who took time out to answer my PM). I know I am only playing 2NL ZOOM. If I get sorted at this level, will help when I think i can move up to higher levels.

Last week had some good run in 100K Privilege Free Rolls. Awesome way to boost BR. I like them, gives my break from Zoom and I tend to do my Notes then.

Next week will work hard on folding on streets, when behind and to make sure I don't get involved into too many pots OPP, unless set mining.

Hopefully will have another good week and lady luck shines on me kindley again.

GL at the tables all.

Link to Stats in forum