I am going do weekly updates on how the week went and the main areas I will be trying to improve on the forth coming week.

A bit late but will do last week. it was a bad week. So thing hopefully wwill only get better from here on.

On Zoom had a rollercoaster ride. Mid week went down 1100 BB and got it back 240Bb plus and on Sunday played like a proper fish and week well done.

I now read Nathan Williams Book" Crushing the Mircostakes"

This week: a) I am trying to learn to fold a lot more. b) to fold to more 3 bets unless IP or with a Monster. c) Pre Flop try and stay way from all-ins unless I a Monster d). On button with a good hand try 3 bet to take pot down.

These are the main areas I will working on, got so many others as well. Hopefully will get there in the end. Would like in long to make 5BB plus min at this level for a prolonged period.

Link to Post will Full Stats for week and year.