Hello everybody!



This year I played succesfuly at lowest limit Zoom 6max tables. Grow my balance by 25$ there playing 13458 hands. Few days ago, I decided to move up to NL5 limit to try my chances there, because I felt I could be strong enough to win this game. So I started to play in NL5 Zoom 6max with 90$ (made transfer of all my bankroll from Full Tilt to get this amount). And I must say, that I feel very lucky and confident here. Here are my stats for 1742 hands I played at this limit for previous 4 days. 

Net won USD $37,93 bb/100 43,55 VPIP 27,7 PFR 19,1 3Bet 5,92 WTSD% 21,0 W$SD% 50,8 Agg 3,36 Agg% 41,9


Dear poker players, I would like to hear Your comments about my stats.

Here are graph:


I really like playing here - I feel that I play better at higher limits, because that makes me to concentrate more. 

Just some observations from my side of what are differences between NL2 and NL5 Zoom.

There are less limpers and more 3beting. But overally players are same skill.

Still struggling with my leaks, but at this level I am more careful and I play fancy play less.


I am still waiting for apropriate time to use my Sunday Million ticket. Maybe I will take my chances at Celebration match at 3rd of March. I will let You know!

Good luck to You!