Hey there, guys and girls! 


At first let me announce that I am one of the ten guys who got lucky and won a ticket at Sunday Million promotion. Wish me good luck!  


And now about MYTVC (My Year Time Vault Challange) promotion.

At the moment I am going good.

From the start of promotion - 17th of January 2013 I played 7402 hands in Zoom 6-max NL2

Currently my Balance is $53.45

BB/100 - 10,18

VPIP 23,1   PFR 17,2   3BET 6,53   WTSD% 27,0   W$SD% 44,2   Agg 3,15   Agg 37,3 (hands 7402)

Here are graph of this period: 



I have spent a bit more than $3 of my bankroll for the 1$+rebuy tourney (was not in the money there).


Playing in Zoom 6-max is overally easy. Especially if there are already some statistics for players. Was sucessfuly for few times because of interpreting vilains stats (made 4bet for frequent 3beter; outplayed few supertight players with bluffing of straights and flushes).

Made errors also. At the moment I am not satisfied with my mindset. I go on small tilt from time to time on even two tables open. Still I think I am able to notice it quite early and quit from game for a while to regain confidence.

There are also many equity errors - I do not count odds and outs. I just trying to feel if it is right or not to call/raise. But that is not right - I really want to learn to count odds and outs, but I do not know how to.. Maybe will try to play on one table... If I am confused and board is wet I tend to raise (when I have some outs) - sometimes it is succesful but in long term I am loosing money - I am sure about that...

So here is one of my submissions - in the month of february:

LEARN TO COUNT ODDS AND OUTS (and maybe even implied odds).

And at last - for the desert. Here are some nice hands I played


Wish You good luck at the tables!!

Best Regards,