I decided to take part in this PokerSchool Online Time Vault promotion. (I participate in The Million Club also and I hope I will win a ticket there).

My Yearly plan may seem tiny, but I am not sure if I will be able to get more than that.

So here it is:

Build bankroll for Zoom NL10 (200$)

And play successfully in Zoom 6 Max NL10 in 4 tables at the same time

Currently I play in Zoom NL2, and I think I do it a bit better than average player.

My Stats for last 12 months in Zoom NL 0,02$ are:
Hands 9470  VPIP 19 PFR 15,2 3bet 5,47 WTSD% 27 W$SD% 47,1 AGG 3,73 AGG% 41,7
I have 45,75$ in my bankroll right now.

I like this idea about creating my personal targets for the year and writing it down and replenish blog every week for accountabillity. And have a possibility to win a nice bonus at the end of the year - Yeah! That helps to motivate.
Also would increase my knowledge English as well.
I already know that I have to work a lot on my mindset.  I go on tilt easy, it is dangerous especially when I play on 4 tables. 

I do not know why, but I am at the level when my heartrate rises a lot when I bluff, or play large pot with thin value cards in my hand. So that would mean that I am not quite toughen up for tense moments in my poker game.

I need to work on basics, starting from hands I play or fold preflop

A bit of my personal life. I work as a network engineer daily. I am married and have wonderful boy. These two are reasons why I can not spend my time on poker, but only get there when all the things with family and work are concluded. Also that is why I choose to play Zoom - fast in / fast out. I really like music. I sing in choir and play guitar a bit in my spare time.

I`ll meet You at the Zoom! And I wish You luck at the tables!!