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This is my first post here. Doing this to participate in Million Club Promotion by Poker School Online. I wil review video Adventures in 5 NL Zoom 1 which can be found under this link: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Adventures-in-5NL-Zoom-1

I chose this video because at the moment I play poker in 6 max tables and I am doing it in Zoom in majority of times. Still I play only in 2NL zoom because my bankroll management does not allow me to move up to 5 NL yet. 

I have not watched poker educational videos for a while. And have not watched any video in Poker School Online at all. And this video was good for me because I had some strategic things forgoten already. Especially about 3beting - I learned that it is not so important to 3 bet with just good cards in my hands, but it can be done vs bad opponents, too. I learned that 3betting lets us get some calculations on opponents range - if he calls or reraises..

Still I do not play so good as GarethC23 on postflop, so I can not be so loose as him preflop - I will continue play on the tighter side. Anyhow - this is why I watch those videos - to get better in every aspect of this game. 

I liked the video because it was not too fast - on the majority of time Gareth was playing on just one table. On this case I was able to better follow his words and thoughts not just trying to catch everything what whas going on on tables. 

I was going quite bad for the last few days in Zoom. Lost half of my bankroll. Still I see few of things I could do better and also I understand that variance plays large role in poker. This video gave me some inspiration not to hang my head down, but just to continue playing,..

Have a luck in Your game!