Hi, and welcome to my blog. Since this is my first post I’ll write a few words about myself. My name is Thomas; I’m a 33 year old Norwegian living in Oslo. The last couple of years I’ve mostly been playing poker and jumping out of airplanes. But there are some cold winters in Norway, so until it gets warmer it’s just poker.

I started playing online poker on and off in the early 2000s, I don’t remember why but I stopped playing around 2006. Late 2010 I was introduced to a guy that played poker semi-professionally. Talking with him got me interested in poker again, so I signed up at PokerStars. I joined PokerSchoolOnline in 2011, and I’ve been a regular at the live trainings since.

For the most part I multi table SnGs, but after PokerStars introduced Zoom I’ve been playing more cash-games. Currently I’m taking part in the Time Vault Challenge. And my goal for 2013 is to make a $10,000 profit and to reach SuperNova VIP status, starting with a $50 bankroll. I intend to reach that goal by sticking to the bankroll rules I’ve set for myself (something I’ve not been too great at earlier). Also I’ll be working to improve my game through live training and reading that stack of poker books I’ve got sitting in my shelf. I will also start reviewing my hand history post-game.



Thanks for reading my blog, for my next post I’ll be writing about multi tabling SnGs.



Thomas aka Kjernekar