So here i am 21 years old thinking i am pretty good at poker? Well all in all i have done pretty well. With a big cash a 215 dollar nl holdem event taking 28th this previous wcoop. I took down about 4500 dollars. 14 hours into the tournament i made it with a few suck outs and a bit of luck with hands holding. I found myself short stacked with aq of clubs, i all in to find myself vs aj of spade flop came 4 of spade q diamonds 6 spades, turn did not change a thing, and river spade came. Hey it happens, but i was so excited to take down my first big cash it i didn't blow up.

After cashing out a large portion i played the next few months seeing my luck take a turn for the worst. Not making many cashes and just doing well. Was it just my luck ? After going through much of the pso training and learning more about, pot odds, implied odds, draw percentages, out percentages, rule of thumb, general out rules, and bankroll management is see that no it wasn't bad luck as in bad decisions and bad play. PSO has helped me become a much better poker player. Over the last few days i have been practicing everything i have learned and feel that a lot of my big big mistakes are now corrected.

I am greatly thankful for PSO thank you very much Pokerstars, and all who teach, especially hacham  (your videos are easy and great to follow)