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Many thanks for the positive feedback concerning both my play and my correct use of grammar.

So this morning I wake up in my friend Alec's bed with a 6ft 4 Namibian gorilla-man-thing (seriously this guy can bench about 700 pounds on a good day) standing over me looking somewhat perturbed. Naturally being concerned for my safety I inquire as to the nature of his distress.

"Come and look at the ****ing kitchen then you jeb-end"

A sight of carnage comparable to the aftermath of Katrina greets my eyes. The first noticeable feature was Alec's body slumped on the floor with all the grace of a beached whale. Beer cans have been constructed into a somewhat stonehenge-like arrangement and the stench of marijuana is unmistakable. The largest concern for me however was the 20 Kilogram barrel of whey protein powder that was mournfully lying on the sofa with approximately 2/3 of its contents missing.

The walls are mostly populated by rudimentary penii, daubed onto the wall with this protein shake gloop mixed with water.

"So there goes my million cash" I thought glumly to myself...

Anyhow enough about my University hi-jinks for now and back to the poker I have played since the Million.
On Tuesday night I decided that a prudent investment would be to show up to the University Poker Society's weekly luckbox tournament blind drunk, 2 hours after play began, buy in for 15 BB and shove AJ UTG 4th hand. Needless to say this was a clearly calculated metagame play designed to force my sophisticated opponents to re-evaluate the ranges they put me on.

Subsequently I spent an hour three-tabling 0.10/0.25 NL tables during lecture on rotating reference frames and the Coriolis effect this morning. Who knew that hurricanes rotate anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern? How interesting...
More interesting was the bizarre success I experienced in those 3 cash games.

LAGging like there was no tomorrow for this hour I rushed up and made $40 total. It seemed like I could do no wrong - the nits were folding left right and centre to my outrageous c-betting percentage and every time I did pick up a hand there seemed to be an abundance of fellows who think that AQ is good for a 5bet shove 9 handed.

The two significant pots I lost were as follows

Hero UTG with QJo - opens for $0.70 (sure this is a turd move but these guys were so tight)
folded round to the BB who 3bets to $1.8

I call - maybe a bit loose but I have position and my stat of something like 40 pots won without a showdown clearly shows that I was capable of outplaying these gentlemen on the later streets.

flop K T 4

BB cbets $2.25 and since he has only 8 bucks left I decide to shove on the assumption that he folds JJ, QQ, 99, AT, and that I still have outs -

BB calls and shows AK, I miss everything

fair enough - I didnt really care at that point since I was still sitting on a cool $47 and lost only 10 dollars or so.

The second pot was also against a short stack and was just a bit of a cooler really

Hero BTN raises to 0.6 with 2 3 d
BB calls

Flop 5 2 3 rainbow

he checks
I bet
turn is a Q

he checks I bet. he shoves I call - he had flopped the wheel with A4 - fair enough for him.

My knowledge of Coriolis forces has not increased as dramatically as my bankroll, and Tensors are still somewhat mysterious....

More next time