Ok woke up feeling like total shite - housemate barged into my room at some ungodly hour demanding that I give hime the password to my account for the college JCR. not happy since I wanted to maximize my sleep for the sunday mil grind.
oh well...

decided that a productive use of time was rebuy turbos - played 2, cashed 1 for $50, should have done better but had a string of baddish luck

Hero SB A6o sitting on 185000, Villain BB on 75000  limits 10000/20000 ( Turbo luckbox special)
i shove - villain flips QQ - flop Q

so then im moved to one of the other tables and im on the BB. Button raises me all in - instacall K9, he shows AK.
Bugger. 2 hand bust

the other one I ran QQ into AA so i cant really moan about that with a shortish stack.

Bad luck hopefully over - 6 fig cash here we come!