Happy New Years!
Yes mates, Happy New Year to all! No, Im not going mad or follow same alternative calendar (like the Chinese one and similar) but I basically end my online and poker life on the boxing day (26 December 2011) when I started go threw a stressful and painful divorce. :
In fact, I passed in the small time of days from the dream to became a millionaire and enjoy the lovely celebration for the Pokerstars birthday in December to became a homeless just few weeks after when I have to leave my house because the broke of my marriage.
There is no need to explain what an awful time have been for me the past two months and half, for the lost of everything was my life really, with my house, business and family gone just in one go! But almost painful was to see the sadness in the innocent eyes of my little boy that has no guilt at all for the mistake that his parents have made.
Like almost in real life, it is that the drama where for any mistake the adults making there are always innocent children that pay the high bill for that!
Well, it is over now and Im looking forward to go on with my new life now!
Why I tell that here? Who bother?
Well, maybe because this is my blog … maybe because Pokerstars is my home or just because Im happy to found out when I opened the Pokerstars lobby that all my bankroll was intact there until the last cent while on other place they have charge me for inactivity.
Well, who really care right now I m here healthy, good and stronger than before (what doesn’t kill you, make you stronger) and full of wish to do good and revenge against the cruelty of this bitter existence that does give out other then pain over pain, to give you an idea just look around what’s happening in the world now; wars, financial crisis, children die starving etc.
At list I got a warm lovely home, I got my poker and I can go from here …
Also, maybe I tell you that because I hope that the women’s world queue for a data with me?! Why I do not go out and find a data? But because of course Im spend 24/7 on the front of my PC to play poker obviously! Elementary Watson … :lol:
P.S. I have stay up al night last night (it was near 4:00 am when the lesson finish here in UK) because TheLangolier coaching that was one of the things I have almost missed, his strong and solid voice I missed a lot!!! Thanks Dave for that it was almost wonderful listen the sound of your voice again … I mean it!!! :wink: