Yeah man, that’s right … Pokerstars is rigged as all online poker! It cannot be any different as Im losing always and almost any coin flip latest. So, we are all fraud!
Well, friends, unfortunately the things is not so simple and definitely isn’t like that. I wish I can have a simple mind and believe that, as it’s make all much easier and justify my bad play by put all the responsibility for my mistake to somebody else. Reality is totally different. Even if, to believe that poker online is rigged may make our life more smooth and all our mistake covered by some1 else responsibility, there are many factors that make clear that those rumours are only and exclusively legends. Why? Simple answer. Because that affirmations doesn’t make any sense.
First of all, why a room should cheat on some1 to favourite somebody else? Which returns a room will have by do that? We don’t play against the house for start and also we almost pay the rake to the room before when we pay the buy-in for a tournament or at begin of any hands played on cash games tables. Also, why a room should destroy their reputation to favourite player x over player y? No, friends, that doesn’t make sense at all!
Do you want more?
Think for an instant, the software; the rooms should have so a powerful software to select any particular player over another; the most difficult (and impossible) factor to considerate will be the fact that a software should be able to select names over others but with which criteria? Software is a program that has some parameters to obtain a predefined action as its not like the human been brain with free will and a possibility to think in autonomy, unfortunately, such program has still be not invent (even if it will be great to have such type of software maybe dangerous why? Just have looked at 2001 Odyssey in the space).
I can go on for hours and write down pages on this topic but Im sure that after few more lines nobody will continue as the things eventually become boring and repetitive, so I will end here for now. I will take on this hot argument again in future. Maybe I will discovery some evidence and I will be more then happy to share it with you.
Just one more thing before I go. I was playing an UK League Final, “Live”, not long time ago and I was do very well (well, the field was scandalous) when at one point I face a reality of Poker. My A9 was beaten by a fish (maybe a donk is better) with A4 that hit a 4 on the board and I lose a serious part of my stake. My tournament was ended few hands later when I was allin with QQ against another of those fishes that call my push with K5 and of course he hit the K. So, wow, live poker is rigged isn’t it? Can we really believe that? How? There is a man under the table that fix the decks? :lol:
So, guys, unfortunately, poker online is not rigged, Pokerstars is a noble and the biggest room in the world and its not rigged at all in any shape or form and for what concern us, if we want success in this game for real, we must stop blame the rooms, Gods, the donks and anything else and start address the fact that badbeat happen as it is in the nature of the game, that AA will be beaten by 66 in the 19% of the time and that if we want become successful poker player we must work hard, move our lazy ass and study, practice and work hard and much more hard on the game because we all will have a badbeat but also we will be on the other side sometime and when we face villian with AA against our low pocket pair, at least we still have 19% of chance to stay alive in the game and this is what make our favourite game, the most beautiful game in the world! :wink: