I just finished another tournament after 10 hands where my KK has busted by AQo (very questionable to call a shove with such hand from MP in the begin of a tournament) and bust out when with less the 10BB I have shoved 88 from UTG with another great call KTo (of course T first card up on the flop).
I have only recently started playing the PSO Skill League (and I must be honest I was very positive about) but I really don’t know if I will keep play it. Im not a great player, btw, and please forgive my criticism, but it start annoying me for real. As said previously in other posts, I don’t see a great field of players (of course we do some exceptions as there are players that deserve that title). Instead, these tournaments are more similar to a first age freerolls then a Skill League.
Yes, agree that maybe Im upset and frustrated but I don’t see any skill here plus, seem that the software for some cruel destiny prize the donkey play by make this league more similar to a donkfest championship then a league between members of a prestigious school of poker (like PSO) as it should be.
This is more like a lottery where just the lucky one got prized then a skilled one. Also, I must be one of the more unlucky people on this shit planet as this is happening all the time since day one I felt in love with this game. I really don’t sure if it is worth keep try play this roulette or it is better Im going to find something where luck is not king. Please, don’t take personal if you identify yourself in some thing I have wrote, this would like to be more a general debate and it isn’t in any shape or form related to the single.
Well, I must admit that I feel better already as I take a heavy weight out my stomach and look forward to the next tournament (maybe????)
GL to all the players of this league and hope you will find your way better then me!