Today, after long time I finally understood how to work, properly the PSO Skill League, so, I have played to win it. Unfortunately, I failed as Im arrived only second (congratulations to Mcarter for the win) but Im feel hopeful for the future as now, I will try to play these tournaments seriously and I don’t play them just to practice as I was do before.
The only my regret, no the word isn’t appropriate, what Im try to say is that Im a bit deluded from the field as I was aspect a bit more of preparation and knowledge as most of the players (exception for some players that are playing with enough skill) playing very badly (IMHO) to be members of a prestigious poker school as PSO is. What I really mean, the tournaments are more likely donkfest where (for example) players limp/call a shove with A8o and, imo, it isn’t acceptable for people that have qualify for the ticket by pass a quiz or what so ever. The funny thing out of all is that the software seems also like these players by give them always the point and the victory. But, anyway, as said, maybe Im just feel a bit unlucky now and down and maybe it isn’t as worse as I am figure now in my mind; we see. The future is coming and it will bring new opportunities and more ground to consolidate or delete any consistent doubt. Who knows?! We will see!