In the begin I wasn’t understand how the best, bigger and most important poker room, would have a poker school without any live training as almost even the most insignificant website (like mine for example) has a proper online poker school with some live training or sort of. It cannot depend by the money, I was thinking, as I don’t believe PS has such problem, it can be because they don’t care and I was thinking all the time I had a moon and how quick and kind was the response from the support (so maybe it cannot be because they don’t care). So, what it was? Why PS hasn’t a live training?
Like they can hear me, after several weeks (maybe months) the school become doubled as the most efficient and modern PSO but still no live training supported intellipoker.
Every time I was asking about, they were kindly answer me back, “be patience … soon”, “… we are working for you …” and stuff like that.
Finally, the live training started, and I was waiting, from the biggest poker room some fire work with some great name but with my big disappointment a guy that I never have hear before take over the live section. Well, I was thinking, it will be soon expand and maybe some famous guy will come and take over, maybe this guy is just a temporary teacher; but nothing after some weeks nothing change and the biggest poker room has a school with an anonymous guy as a teacher.
I thought, well soon they will increase the number of teachers as many schools got few coaches but nothing happened. So, with my big disappointment, I decide to take part to one of the lessons (that it was also in the middle of the night as I living in Europe).
Well, friends, now I am awake most of the night when the live class is up and in the list of famous and important name of worldwide poker I have add another name, TheLangolier!
P.S. Btw, I start realise that I need also an English teacher as my language going worst day-by-day. Even my own son start speaking better English then me and him and my wife start to struggling a bit to understand me. Is my English go worst or they take piss out of me?