Hello and welcome back on my blog. In a world where Blogs growing faster then mushrooms (especially these days in the poker industry), many will say: “oh, here we are with another scummy blog …” and that may be anymore true if you have ready my name already somewhere else. Yeh, mates, even if Im nobody, I got a supported media of all respect; good enough to compete with some pro as my policy was, first make the dinner and after prepare the table (or something like that). So, what I m try to say is that I will not use this great space, well hosted by the biggest name in poker, and worsted with the some boring stuff like “he bit my Aces with 72o, donk, asshole, your mum is a bitch, I have tummy each, my ass heart and more crap like that; for that I have already enough space on my official Blog and website. No, I would like, try, oh yes, try is the appropriate word as it is possible that even if I try hard I will be unable anyway to make anything better J, so, I will try to do a bit better then my usual standard (that as you maybe have understand at this point unless you are a worsted case then me).
Well, let’s go to start! My name is almost clear Im Kiroman, or Kiro, Ciro, Kiro the man or as you like; Im an old young man (I like that) that has a dream, become a Poker Player. I know, you have hear that before so many time that should be on this planet more PP then ordinary citizen but thanks (or maybe damm!) its not like that. To become Poker Player (and when I say that I mean at a sufficient level of skill that allowed earning and almost spending all the working hours available around it) isn’t that easy, however, it is more then play the cards and be lucky; yes, it is more then that as not only skill and luck are involved but as well more different aspects are involved directly or indirectly, like for example, mental health, diet, body and more and more little particular that when you come close and close to this fantastic game, it became clear more and more.
Well, it isn’t all really, but it is enough for me and (I believe) for all the ones that have had enough stomach to come so far, so I will end this craziness nonsense here. I don’t know what the hell I was trying to say but anyway, it is a start; it should start somewhere and here we are. It has start and eventually, it will continue. At least it make me feel less lonely pretend to write for an audience and eventually I will not fell so lonely as I spend days after days alone in my room on the front of the PC (you know what I mean btw).
P.S. If you didn’t notice, my English is more crap then my skill in Poker, so, my apology for that!