Dear Friends ,

Few years back I was dealt with "AA" in early position and I just checked , two more players after me checked also and the next player went all in . rest of the players after him folded . It was my turn I had about half million chips and the player who had gone all in also had similar number of chips .  I had two choices to go all in or to fold !!  I was new to poker had no understanding hands but knew "AA" is the best hand before flop and didn't take much time to go all in !! rest of the players after me folded and the person who had gone all in showed "KK" . I was very happy I had almost won !!!

I was not playing poker , I had just taken a chance and chance just a chance . The flop came " 8 K 3 "  and my game was over . I started wishing for an " A" , but chances were too less .  I lost the pot and all my chips and was out of the table . I lost becsuse I had not played poker !!!  I had played a game of chance !!! 

I may not be the only one who might have experienced this many people every day still might be experiencing this . Some might have learnt how to play poker with this experience and some might be still taking chances .

On that day I had learnt one of my first lessons of poker which later I called it Pure poker . If I was playing Pure poker , I would be had folded my above hand with "AA" when the other player went all in with half million chips .
Based on all calucation the chances of "AA" winning is higher against "KK" , But , it is just little higere and far from certain so it is just a chance to double up your chips or loos all of them . Any way loosing all of them and getting busted is far from poker. The way to play this hand in poker is to fold if the other person with half a 

Let me share almost a similar hand and tell you how It was different and  I managed to win the pot .

I had "AA"  and I checked , the other player raised 4 times big blind , I went all in and the other player folded !!  This is poker. I was not taking some chance here , I knew he might be trying to steal the blinds or he might have a good hand , any pair or any two high cards , but I was playing some poker at least putting him to decide on his balance 80% of the stack telling him I had a big hand too . He could have called  and I might have won or lost , but , I still had played some poker here instead of blindly taking chance . But , still not the best way though . This is poker .

I had "AA" and I checked , the other player raised 20% of his stack , I just called . The flop was " 2 , K , A "  I thought it was a very good flop for me . He checked !!!  I raised 20 % of my stack . The other player just called me .  I knew he has a big hand too . The turn card was a "8" . I checked , the other player raised another 20% of his stack ,  I just called  . The river card was a " 6 " I went all in .  The other player called me .  He had " A K " and had an monster hand of two pairs which can beat your "AA" if and only if you had not flopped "A" . I had played Pure poker expecting him to have any two pairs or any trips but not anything more than that . Also , I never risked all my chips till my hand was unbeatable . This is Pure poker.

My next hand of "AA" was not as easy as the above . 

I had " AA"  and I had checked , the other players also had checked , the flow was  " 5 6 A ".  How do you think one would play poker tell me and I will tell you how Pure poker is played on the above hand in my next blog .

Have a nice day and all the best for your poker .

Kiran .