Dear Friends ,

Pure poker is all about poker and only poker which is poker and only poker and nothing else !!

Ther reason for insisting so much on the word poker is to signify the importance on this word poker which is not just a name of the game you play but it is the way you play the game .

We see lot of people playing the game of poker but not actually playing poker as the game of chance . Including the most successful ones !!

So what is Pure poker?

Pure poker is all about winning by playing the game of poker and not just taking a chance by playing the game of poker .

It would be interesting to discuss with different hands to see how the Pure poker is different from the poker the game of chance most of us play .

This is the first post on my blog would like to start with the first hand the best hand in the game of poker before flop the bullets , the monster hand "AA"

It would be interesting to know from all the readers of my blog to post replies on they feel the best way to play this best hand before flop from me to read and post my next blog with the ways the Pure poker is played with this hand and post the second hand for discussion !!

Have a nice day and all the best for your poker .

Kiran .