well  first off  i aint nobody special....but i see way to many player on here that have not even pass 2 courses,, just the one core course  just to get the ticket to get play in the skill league,,  if its about having the skill to play and the mind to do it, it should be about skill, not  passing the  easiest part on the course....  and yes  i will say i just singed up for pso just to sharpin my skill even more like any other player that want's to learn more about the game they love, you know where im coming from,  but i have been on pokerstars.com for a  lil over a year  now....then when i seen  there was a skill league i was like ITS GONNA BE FUN!  so i sat down and did all the courses befor i even i thought about gettin in one,,well i thought  you had to do them all anyway lol..  well my point  is  why have a "skill' league if  90% of the field dont do the courses or will  "donk" call with   29off preflop, well from a player to another player just askin..:-?