Hi all, my very first ever blog - and it's not even directly about me!! What's the most fantastic comination of hands in one round that you've ever seen or experienced? I'm sure we've all got our pet stories - here's mine. Abour 2 years ago, I was playing in a live Texas NL Holdem tournie in a club in Reigate, Surrey. I had just been knocked out - as usual, in front until the river, blah, blah, very sad, get over it - so I wandered over to see the tail end of a hand where three players were all-in. The turn had just been dealt. Picture the scene. Player #1 held Quadaces - pocket rockets plus two on the flop if I recall correctly. Fantastic enough in itself yes? Player#2 had just floated his Boat on either the flop or the turn, not sure which - again, if memory serves, tens over aces. Wow! whatever next? Player #3 had KQ spades in the hole with the A&10 spades on the table. What should turn up on the River? I don't really need to spell it out, do I? Unbelievable!! So, the Royal took out quad aces and a full house. The place went absolutely mental. To rub salt into the wound of one of the losing players, at that time, I think the club was called the Full House. So, anyone want to top THAT? Go on, I DARE you!