HEllo All,

Let me introduce myself a bit. Im 35 years old and living in the Netherlands. I started plaing online poker in 2009 when it was very hyped and you could see poker on tv every night at almost every channel.

Since i liked it alot i gave it a try. Without any basic knowledge i started to play. And appearently i was very lucky cause i ended positive on my bankroll in 2009. Ofcourse didnt knew terms like bankroll management and stuff about position and many more basic poker rules.

Due to marriage and having a newborn i couldnt continue my poker game. So a break appeared in my so called Poker Journey.

Even when the big hype is gone i was attracted by this wonderful game once again. So late 2013 i started to play some games again on my fulltilt poker, which was re opened recently. But there was one big change i discovered. The player base of fulltilt went down excessively. So i decided to move to Pokerstars where there is alot more games to choose from.

So i used the whole month december 2013 as a chance to become familiar again with online poker and also became a member of Pokerschoolonline. My bankroll went down in this specific month. But i had the feeling that i learned alot.

2014 has already begun and so is my Poker Journey too. Very slowly and very safe i try to build my bankroll bit by bit. No hurry at all, and every profit is good to me. As long as my bankroll doesnt go bankrupt i will keep this on.

My favorite games are MTT sng's and Tournaments. And ofcourse im active with the leagues too. Every spare minute i have left besides taking care of a 2 year old kid and fulltime job... and of course my wifey, will go into my Poker Journey.

So with confidence i say: See me grow and see you at the tables. This is if i dont go bankrupt lol xD.