Fish Finder #1 with Ahara010:       This Video's Great Because Ahara010  teaches the basic strategieof how to play no limit hold'em ,How to play tight,simmler  as the basics taught in the beginer courses on No Limit Hold'em on Poker School on line,And he also gives a good idea of how to identify weak players on how to play against them,he explaines pretty good how what to look for in hud display,how better to know to see how to bet into certain players out of position and how bluffing is a waste of time in  micro small stake games,and how you need to value bet your hand, and how to observe the other players at your table,He shows how to use the basic tight agressive strategy so you should be able to beat small stake games with patience and disabline ,He explained his thought process while raising when you have the best hand preflog to cut down on the weaker hand to eliminate the weaker hands to that out flops you ,...He explained well the need for good pot odds and good position for playing suited connecters in need of playing against big stack in order to make playing suited connecters profitable And need for a player to over play his hands.