Welcome to My Story.
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the tale of KingdomLord.

I've been in the game for about 10 years, starting out at the tender age of 18.  My story is the same as much of today’s youngin's and newbies.  Was at home with some roommates, channel surfing the Boob-Tube and stumbled across a Champions of Champions match.  I forget the year, but the game had some of the greats. Doyle Brunson, Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey.  The game ended up Heads up between Annie and Phil Hellmuth, with Annie taking out the prize.  This was my first introduction in to the world of professional poker and as usual, I fell head over heels in love.

Up until then, I had only ever played Black Jack and my old man taught to play Eucha when I was a kid.  As luck would have it, I had been given a gift card for a local bookstore for my birthday and went out and bought the Pocket Idiots Guide to Texas Hold 'Em.  True story.  I slowly learnt the rules and structure of the game by playing freerolls at Party Poker, till I had saved enough pocket change to take a couple hundred dollars down to the casino.  I started out playing Low Limit Hold 'em and steadily moved up to 5-5 No Limit (the casino here doesn't really do things by the book).

I spent a lot of time playing cards, going up, down, broke and rich.  I played a lot of local tournaments with the leagues down here, took a shot at a couple of big tournaments, but was never really aiming for anything more then a good time.  I had fun, met new people, made some money, lost most of it and generally just enjoyed myself.  Until a couple years back and I got lucky and took down a $10,000 first prize.  I was on cloud nine, thinking "I am the best".  I put it aside from my daily budget and played happy for about 2 years. 

One day I took a look a Sharkscope.  I totalled the cash from the Casino games.  I realised I was not a good player.  From the maths, I was below average.  I had never heard of bankroll management and did not understand the meaning of phrases such as "implied odds".  So I scoured the internet, read all the blogs and lessons and got myself a Bankroll Management Sheet and learnt about the game. I promised myself I would do it properly and only move up. From here on out, I'm playing for keeps.

This is a tale of the future, told in hindsight.  This is the story of KingdomLord.