So in the last post we looked at how we bet, and how much we should bet. Now in this post I will look at the goals with our betting - Why do we bet? What do we want to achieve?

So as i wrote in the last post, every bet has to have a purpose, and tell a story, to get the opponents to do as we please.

But how do we achieve this?

  1. What do we want the opponent to do? Fold, call or raise?
E.g. In ant given game, every player holds 1.500 chips, with blinds at 15/30

Hero raises 3x to 90 pre-flop with JQ. Only the BB calls the raise.

Flop: J Q♥  10

Even though Hero has flopped 2 pair, the board texture is still pretty scary with at straight- and flushdraw.
The best thing for Hero would be to make the BB fold.

Firstly we have to evaluate what kind of player he is. Is he:
  • a loose player (he is most likely to fish for another card, to complete his draw)
  • a tight player (he will most likely fold, if he has not made his draw)
If the player is loose, we will have to bet more in order to give him bad pot-odds for a call.

In general our opponents will only hit their draw 1/3 of the time, so a bet on about 1/2 of the pot should be enough to make a tight opponent fold, since his pot-odds will not be in his favour.

Against a more loose player, we have to bet more in order to push him out. We could:
  • Bet the full pot
  • Overbet the pot (bet more than the pot)
If we are shortstacked, an overbet could mean a shove.

But what if we want the player to raise or call...

Lets take the same example as before:

1.500 chips, blinds 15/30, Hero holds 8
8 in middle position
Hero raises 3x to 90
BB calls
Flop: A 8 3

Now, we made trips, so how do we get as many money in the pot as possible?
We want our hand to look weaker than the opponets hand.

  1. If Hero is first to act, we should bet amount 1/2 of the pot (small bet)
  2. If our opponent is first to act and checks to us, Hero could also check to make the opponent think his hand is still good and the opponent might bet later on.
Defensive betting:
  • Occurs when Hero is chasing a draw, but has not made the draw.
  • We want our opponents to either call or fold - we dont want them to raise us.
  • The trick is to bet enough to make them call or fold, and small enough make it profitable.
  • A defensive bet, should be around 1/3 of the pot.

I these posts i make is understandable and useable in general.

Be sure to check back for more updates. The next updats will probably be about post-flop play or the math in poker, but im not quite sure yet.

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