So, as i only play the PSO skill league's now, I have been studying a lot of things that can make my game better. As I've studied the aspects of the game, I can actually feel that my decisions, and my game in general, is improving.

What im going to write a bit about in the next couple of posts, is the aspects of betting, and how to bet correctly,

When to bet - and how much?
Every bet we make has to have a purpose.

  • Tell a story - With every bet you tell a story. If the story is inconsistent, our oppenents won't do as we please. If the story makes sense and is consistent, then we're ahead of our oppenents.
Theres two different styles of betting:
  • Mixed - When we mix up our bets, we bet a different amount every time we bet. This makes it harder for our opponets to have a read on us.
  • Consistently - When we bet consistently we bet the same amount every time... but in percentage relative to the pot. E.g. if we always bets 75% of the pot, or always bets 3bb. This makes our bets consistent, but the value of the chips will change as the levels progresses and the pots grow larger. I hope that you get my point.
Basic questions before betting:
For starters theres some basic questions, we have to ask ourselves before we make a bet or a call:
  • The stack sizes - if you are shortstacked, your options are mainly limited to a fold, or an all-in. A bigger stack (about 30 BB or more) has more options like a raise or re-raise.
  • Position in relation to the button.
  • The size of the blinds and the pot - if we bet too much, or too little, compared to the pot/blinds, our opponents might not buy the story we are trying to tell them.
General Rules of Thumb
  • Whenever we raise preflop, we should raise 3-4 times the BB.
  • If a player before the hero (us) calls, then we should add his call to our raise in order to try to make him fold. E.g. Blind are 25/50, a player before hero calls. Then we should raise 3*50+50 = 200.
  • If antes are present, we should add about 50-100% of them in our bet.
I will continue in part 2, where I will write a bit about "The goals of betting", and "Defensive betting".

Be sure to correct me if i've misunderstood something, leave a comment, and check back for part 2.

//King_CPH :wink: