So .. First off i want to describe who the person behind King_CPH is and why i am creating this blog.

I am 18 years old, and from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently a student at a mercantile high school, and my goal is to become an acountant when I finish school. 

I became acquainted with poker, about two years ago, through my brother in law, but didnt really understand the game entirely. I played on and off months apart online, but eventually I stopped. I tried reading poker books, but it simply got too boring for me at the time.

So I have been familiar with poker for a while, but it really took hold this summer. I was at home, in August, when a friend called and asked me, if i wanted to come to his place and play some poker with two other friends. At that time i wasen't even sure about the main rules, and the hand rankings. But I took up the challange and accepted i thought: "This might be fun". AND IS WAS!

After that night we played every night for the rest of the summer. We played for money to make the game more serious, but we only played for about $2 per person, untill one of us would have all the chips and win the money (to buy the losers cheeseburgers at McD later that night :wink: )
So our games was all for fun, but I quickly learned the main rules, and in October, i started playing online. 

Online, I won some and lost some (mostly lost), and after I turned 18, I became too much of an expense at my workplace, so I got fired in the end of October, but would still get a salery in November. With my main source of income gone, and my loses at online poker, my bankroll reached a big fat 0 with at total loss at about $100. Although it might not be much, I am still at person that likes competition, and a loss is a loss. So I decided, in the end of November/start of December, that i needed to improve my game.

So I started playing only freerolls, and whenever I didnt play poker I studied (and still does) all aspects of the game (pot odds, position, how to bluff online etc.) and i can feel my game improving, slowly but steady. I have set my self the goal (so far) to mainly play the PSO freerolls...

I will use this blog as a personal diary, to write whatever i learn on my way, and my improvement in general...

And dont worry, I'll try nok to write as long posts as this :wink:

Best regards and GL at the tables!