I have started playing poker first when i was 20 ( a year ago) in Facebook and it was not that serious in the begining. Then about  a month ago i started playing again but this time i started to be obsessed with a game.. I still play with virtual money but will turn to cash game when i feel ready to play . 

  This game is quite different than any other casino games i think and I believe it is more sport than gambling compared to Roulette or other casino games.. Here, skilla are important to develop however, i would say luck still plays a huge role.....


 What else bewilders me is that it does not matter you have the best hand even in the turn, still everything can change upside down within a second..

 i think the most important skills i need to develop is to control myself even if i have the best hand in post-flop, flop, turn even in the river... Secondly, I believe money management plays an enormous role here too... this game has some close connection with investing in financial markets which i have been doing for the last 2 years,.. I think both are about to control your risk and maximize your profits with the same level of risk with controlling your emotions.  i hope things will turn allright in the future.. who knows may be in the future , lightning could strike