yesterday I have played one more MASTERS but mine 88 didn't hold.

But it would be great to hear opinions did I play ok or not:

- my hand my stack was ~13BB (50/100) and I have decided to 3x bet (300) from UTG+1 (was thinking that rise would be not enough but didn't want to go all-in for a coinflip because I still had ~10BB)

- HJ or CO cannot remember rised to 500 (stack ~23BB)

- I though that maybe he has AJ+ and I have decided to call rise to see a flop

- flop  and I have to checked / all-in (was thinking that it would the trap for him if he has what I though)

- he goes all-in, I call of course, he shows 

- first and the last thought was DAMMIT ...

- turn  river  ---- I'm dead.

Any thoughts did I play well ?