so after my first blog-post I've had few comments from JWK24, thanks to him.

One of JWK24 comment:

when you get shorter, you don't necessarily want to have just the better hand... you want to take any +EV spot (and there will be a number of spots where our hand may be behind, but we have the correct odds to play it)

He was absolutely right. I have started to make +EV decision when I become short stack  Even now I'm playing MASTER'S I have had tons of situations where my +EV decision saved my butt.

For example, I'm in a BB and having A7o (stack 7BB) and only SB shoves allin (~11BB) and I call A7o vs K9o and the lucky 'A' came at RIVER RIVER which let me have pair of A  And it was +EV move.

OK, 3rd place at MASTER's was WOW  You know funny situation I've had while I was playing this tournament ... but the story begins from a start:


- everything was ok till I reached TOP3:

I was chip leader until I got KK and when dude with a smallest stack decided to go All-In with Q9s ... I called and he got 9 trips.

- while I was playing FT I with my wife and two kids were driving to aqua park. When we got there there was very bad internet connection and other players should wait me for ~5 minutes because I was in disconnected position  ... wife almost killed me that I was playing poker ... so my life's value was bigger than poker game  that's why I have decided to go all-in when internet connection appear with anything. It was K10o and I was busted:

Overall it was great experience in poker and real life