More about my journey to SILVERSTAR.



I have a family and I have full time job so poker for me is a hobby and to find free time for it it's very hard but after I have succeded in VIP STEP CHALLENGE so I have decided to try this challenge for myself.

So as I wrote before I'm planning to play 10NL 6-max ZOOM cash game till the end of February to reach SilveStar. I have 17 days left. Still have time

Now, I'm in ChromeStar mode I still need to complete 14 steps. I need to get 20 VPPs per step, so finally I need to get 280 VPPs for all steps to make an upgrade to SILVERSTAR 

But you know to reach SILVERSTAR is one thing, but another thing is to have a profit from it, right ?! So it must be profitable journey. To accomplish those two things in 17 days I need to set few rules to myself:

- I will start with 10$ at every table

- play no more than 2 tables at a time

- if I'll drop to -30$ then I'll play 5NL ZOOM cash game

- playing session cannot last less then 1 hour and no more 2 hours (it should be enough to complete step per day and to avoid mistakes, get tilt from very intensive play)

- to make this journey profitable I have decided to add one more thing. If I'll reach more than 15$ at the table I will close it and I'll start again from 10$.

- if I'll go down to 5$ and below at a table then I'll add $ to 10$ and I'll play further.

Let's get started