I'm back with my second part of blog about the game which I've played recently.

This time I'm analizing my game when I have reached final table (FT) - PHASE 2.

Please take a look at my video to see that sometimes LUCK comes to you when you expected at least 

If you still have few chips left in your stack it still gives you a possibility to go deap in that tournament or other type of a game. Don't waste your chips even if after the bad beat you got only 1BB left.

LUCK is not static it's total DYNAMIC phenomenon and sometimes it comes at that time when you are playing your last hand And it repeated more than one time in a row. IT HAPPENS and this video is my prove

I have started FT with less than 1BB in my stack.

Video time 1:55 - 7 players left, I'm 7th of 7. I'm ITM (in the money) and if I'll lose I will get $0.70. I got Q9o and I'm in BB position with my 263 chips when blinds are 300/600 ante 50 LOL So SB calls and we mine Q9o vs his 104o, flop 8,5,K turn J and river K. I WON No much but still I'm in the game baby I have 876 chips and I'm in SB, it means -300 and ante -50 so I have left 526 and I'm not all-in with 2,10o

Video time 2:38 - I got Ad8d in B. This is it, it was the moment of truth, CO min rise, I shove, SB calls. Flop 2d5c3c, BB checks, CO bets ~pot size and BB calls all-in, CO shows QQ, BB Ah3h and I show Ad8d, turn Kh and river 4h. YAHOOOOOO, I have split pot with BB because we have straight, CO lost. I got 1039 chips, still LOL

Let's count my winning ALL-INs in FT. I had 2 keep it up !

Next I go to CO position and I have QdAs so we do know what I'll do right ? UTG min rise, I shove with my stack, everybody folds and UTG shows 10hAc let's see a board 9d2hAh, turn 5d and turn 8d, I WON ! 3rd all-in winning

Next I'm in HJ and with JJ. Stack 4BB, MP+1 min rise and I'm ALL-IN baby amd MP+1 calls. My JJ vs his 5sAc, flop 5KK then 2 and 7. I WON. 4th all-in winning ! My stack ~10BB from nothing, COOL

Video time 8:12 - I'm in BB with QQ in my hands LET'S GOOOOOOO !!!!  UTG limps, SB limps and I shove. UTG calls with 1010, so we have 1010 vs QQ, flops show 9,J,7 .... ok HOOOLLDDD, turn shows 10 OMG he has SET .... the end to my game and river shows Q , YES !!!!!!!!!!! SET for me and I doubled up !!! ALL RIGHT

Video time 13:02 - I'm in BB with Qc10d, everyone folds except SB min rise, I call flop 7d3dAh, SB check I bet 1BB size he calls, turn 2h SB check I check, river Qs and he bets 50% of pot and I have read him that he has A and any card or KQ, QJ, every situation he should bet me, so I have decided to hold.

Only 4 players left. I have already won $2.53. But it's not enough, is it ?

Next hand I'm in SB with 99 (my stack ~13BB), UTG min rise, B folds I shove, BB folds and UTG folds.

Video time 14:50 - BLUFF  I'm in BB with 8d9h and SB min rise I call (connectors started from 8 and up are good to call especially when 4 players left at the table) flop As3h10s didn't fit to my hand so SB checks, I check too turn 2s SB checks I check too river 7c SB check and I was thinking ok SB has a flush or pair of A and he slow played and he was waiting for my move, but ok it's possibility that he doesn't have anything so I have decided to bet big to show that I have something better than he has so almost pot size bet it was enough for him (it was 1/3 of SB chips) and he folded. BOOM !

Video time 16:30 - I'm in B position. I have KK and I have rised 2.6x of BB and everybody folds  I think rise would be enough and maybe someone would call that but it was too big rise. I will keep it in my mind for the future premium hands play.

Video time 18:21 - LUCKY NEW BORN I'm in BB and JJ my hand. SB min rise I rerise him 2.5x his rise and he calls flop 2h6d2d SB bet pot stack size (almost all my stack) so I was thinking "ok it seems that he has flush draw or maybe 1010 or 99 or even QQ but still I think I should bet him" I shove and he calls, he shows 10dKd "OMG flush draw ... I'm dead ...." and turn 9d "he just ate me alive !!!!  and I can survive if one of 4 outs 2,2,J,J will be showed on the river" and river river shows J, really ?!?!? YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT ?!?! OUTSTANDING, OMG, AWESOME !!!!! I have FULL HOUSE BABY

So only 3 players left at the table. I have 40k chips when two players together has 27K. So I have very good chance to finish 1st. HOOOOLLDDDD !

After minute or so we were standing in HEADS UP match KiNdZiUs1 38k chips vs J Gb 1 30k chips:

1st place - $6.30

2nd place - $4.35


To be continued ....